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4.9 stars | 101 reviews
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Healing Energy Work

Step into a world of holistic healing at Love Light And Healing Center, where our diverse range of services is crafted to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. As you explore this page, envision a journey of transformative energy healing methods designed to bring balance, restore harmony, and enhance your overall well-being. Join us on this path of self-discovery, where healing goes beyond the physical, encompassing the realms of emotion, energy, and spirit. Your holistic wellness journey begins here — book your session today.

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Emotion Code

60-minute Intake Session: $85

30-minute Session: $65

Experience the transformative effects of Emotion Code, a simple yet powerful energy healing method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson. In just 30 minutes, this therapy is designed to help you identify and release trapped energies that may limit your ability to experience love, joy, and success. Through muscle testing, we address emotional baggage without the need to re-live past trauma. Emotion Code can aid in releasing stress, improving sleep, and changing your inner dialogue. 

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Body Code 

75-minute Intake Session: $125

60-minute Session: $111

Body Code is a comprehensive therapy designed to identify and correct energy imbalances that may cause physical and emotional issues. In a 90-minute intake session priced at $125.00, we delve into the health of your energy body, releasing trapped emotional energies, correcting blocked chakras, and addressing physical aspects such as toxins, nutritional deficiencies, and structural imbalances. Subsequent Body Code sessions are available for $111.00, focusing on restoring balance and supporting the body's healing ability.

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60-minute Session: $111

Explore the ancient Hawaiian spiritual practice of Ho'Oponopono in a 60-minute session. Translated as "make right," Ho'Oponopono involves accepting total responsibility for everything that surrounds us, facilitating healing and cleansing by neutralizing memories of suffering. This practice allows for creating new connections and rejuvenated relationships, promoting a sense of inner peace and well-being.

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60-minute Session: $99

Kids 13 & Under 30 minute Session: $65

Reiki, a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, promotes healing by treating the whole person, including the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Experience the wonderful glowing radiance of Reiki, creating beneficial effects such as relaxation, peace, security, and overall well-being. Discover the holistic benefits of Reiki at Love Light And Healing Center.

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4.9 stars | 101 reviews
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