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4.9 stars | 102 reviews
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Thermography Services

Love Light And Healing Center is pleased to offer thermography services, a revolutionary approach to breast and body health assessments through non-invasive and painless technology. Our state-of-the-art medical infrared technology utilizes the power of thermal imaging to assess skin surface temperatures, providing valuable insights for monitoring breast health and overall well-being. Learn more about these innovative scans below, and book your session at Love Light And Healing Center today.

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Breast thermography scan.

Breast Scan: $300

A proactive approach to breast health without radiation or compression.

Our breast scan is a non-invasive and painless screening method for breast cancer. Without the use of radiation or compression, this service utilizes state-of-the-art medical infrared technology to assess heat patterns in the breast. Comparative exams establish a baseline for monitoring breast health, focusing on individual thermal patterns and detecting changes over time. Empower yourself with proactive breast health monitoring at Love Light And Healing Center.

Torso thermography scan.

Torso Scan: $400

Analyzing skin surface temperatures for comprehensive health assessment.

The torso scan provides an in-depth analysis of skin surface temperatures that a physician can correlate to assess for abnormal physiology. This service offers a detailed examination of the torso region, providing valuable information to support comprehensive health assessments.

Full-body thermography scan.

Full-Body Scan: $500

Comprehensive skin surface temperature analysis for holistic well-being.

Our full-body scan offers a holistic approach to health assessment by analyzing skin surface temperatures throughout the body. This comprehensive service allows for a thorough examination of thermal patterns, aiding in detecting abnormal physiology and supporting overall well-being.

Thyroid thermography scan.

Thyroid Thermography: $300

Focused analysis for thyroid health.

Our thyroid thermography service provides you with a focused analysis of the thyroid region. This non-invasive approach allows for the assessment of skin surface temperatures, offering valuable insights into thyroid health without the need for radiation. Take a proactive step toward thyroid well-being at Love Light And Healing Center.

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4.9 stars | 102 reviews
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